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Here are some videos that either I created, or are worth sharing. I have categorized them based off the author.


RPM Basics (webm)

trusdx Firmware Updates on Fedora 36 (webm)

Websites referenced:

Programming settings:

  • Select Programmer: “Arduino”
  • Select YOUR COM Port
  • Set Baud Rate to 115200
  • Set MCU to ATMega328P
  • At “Flash” Select YOUR PERSONAL Firmware, created from your Serialnumber
  • UNCHECK “set fuses” and all the other checkboxes

Xaos Fractal Visualizer


Red Hat

Default to Open - The Story of Open Source (webm)

The Free Software Foundation

Muktware interview with Richard Stallman - What is GNU/Linux? (webm)

User Liberation (webm)

The Linux Foundation

The Story of Linux (webm)