Plex Media Server playback issue fix


One of the issues that cropped up rather recently was a bunch of recent rips just stopped working completely.  Couldn’t stream them at all whether it be the HTML5 web GUI, my Roku, Android App, via the LAN, or WAN.  Nothing.  Would just get an error about the file could not be played back.  They used to work, why not now?

So naturally, after swearing at my server for a while and fidgeting fruitlessly, I let it sit for a bit, with hopes it was a bug and an update would fix it.  Nope.  Google yielded me a rather fast result that normally I would have dismissed, but since I tried almost everything I could think of, I tried it.

The fix was simple — create a new transcoding temp dir.  Yeah it was that stupid simple.  Settings -> Server -> Trancoder -> Transcoder temporary directory.

Screenshot from 2016-03-06 05-32-07