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Due to popular demand by many people that I know in person and online, I have setup a reference list for various linux topics.  Over time things have greatly simplified as the distros and packages have improved, but overall this can be a useful resource for new and experienced linux users.

If anyone should care, I am running RHEL & Fedora on all day to day use machines.  I use RHEL 7 on a nearly all my systems (servers and desktoips), and Fedora on one machine.

If you have any requests for packages, please email me.  But do realize I am not necessarily going to jump on it unless I can pack it easily and maintain it with little effort.  Generally speaking what is needed can be found in the rpmfusion repos.

GNOME 3 Tweaks

Asus Gxx Series Notebook Issues & Fixes:

  • Bar Key Fix : xmodmap -e “keycode 94 = backslash bar”




CentOS Network Install Settings

Getting CentOS to do a network install always made me Google how the installer wanted to see the web location, as it was somewhat different than what I always fed it the first few times prior to giving up and resorting to a web search.  Its so simple that I nearly cry each time:

For CentOS 5.11:

Web site name:
CentOS directory for i386: /centos/5.11/os/i386
CentOS directory for x86_64: /centos/5.11/os/x86_64

For CentOS 6.7:

Web site name:
CentOS directory for i386: /centos/6.7/os/i386
CentOS directory for x86_64: /centos/6.7/os/x86_64

For CentOS 7:

Web site name:
CentOS directory for i386: Not available as of yet.
CentOS directory for x86_64: /centos/7/os/x86_64

VirtualBox Fedora/RHEL Installation

Guest Additions installation:

yum install -y kernel-headers kernel-devel gcc
sh ./path_to_/VBoxLinuxAdditions-(your Architecture).run

You should see that all options (except perhaps the OpenGL ehnancements for Xorg) build/install just fine.


yum -y install akmod-Virtualbox-OSE VirtualBox-OSE

Any other sites that you, the loyal visitors, may have to recomend, or even sections — email me.


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