OnePlus One woes and resolution


About a year ago I ran into some corruption issues with my OnePlus One and that issue rendered ADB to have a fit, as did OTA updates, USB mode, and fastboot.  Tech support wanted me to use Windows to fix it via a remote desktop session.  Needless to say I was not about to let them goad me into going Windows.  Well this corruption was abosulutely annoying and I was short on time and willpower to devote much of either into a literal spare device.

Alas I did.  Sorta.  I figured since I just got this ironed out I would share the ever so pleasant experience in getting this nightmare sorted out.  I installed 8.1 onto an old disk and got it up and running long enough to get the thing fixed.  If you find yourself in the same boat,below is what you want to do.


  1. Download and install the Samsung Drivers for Windows.  Reboot afterwards.  And yes do reboot, its necessary.
  2. Download and install then the 15 Seconds ADB Installer.  Do not need to install the drivers, just ADB and fastboot.  Reboot just in case it is necessary.  I did.  Besides we all know Windows needs to be rebooted every 5min or so 😀
  3. Plug in your phone.  Windows should ask about drivers, if not no biggie.  If you do get the dialogue, you can cancel it.  Go into Device Manager and find the ADB heading -> The ADB device -> Right Click to the Update Driver Software -> Choose Browse my computer -> Choose Let Me Pick -> Show All Devices -> Have Disk -> Point to where the Samsung drivers were installed.

That should get things working again.  Once you can copy stuff to the phone, you can reinstall your recovery and OS via fastboot and the recovery respectively.



Download links are in the forums.  You need to grab the build and then the Windows package and instructions.  The instructions will add a few details to what I have laid out, but same process.

In my case I went from a broken CyanogenMod 12.1 to OxygenOS 2.1.4.  The process was then, once adb/fastboot was fixed, was:

  1. Run from an Administrator mode command prompt “fastboot oem unlock”
  2. Run the patch companion download’s batch file to flash the recovery, AllInOne.bat and choose option 2.
  3. Reboot phone and then copy over the Bacon OxygenOS 2.1.4 zip to the phone if its not already there
  4. Reboot phone to recovery and do a cache and data wipe
  5. install the bacon zip.
  6. After you reboot into Oxygen and go thru the new device setup song and dance, enable developer mode (Settings -> About Phone -> Tap Build Number a bunch of times until dev mode unlocks)
  7. Turn on ADB support (Settings -> Developer Options -> Usb Debugging



Now replug the phone into your Linux rig and you should see two partitions pop up, including the drivers partition.  Run the ADB fix for linux shell script:

Pre script, as you can see the only device is my other phone:

[root@big-red-wireless ~]# adb devices -l

List of devices attached 
5VT7N15A25000587 device usb:1-2 product:angler model:Nexus_6P device:angler


Post script, and it sees but can’t do anything with the phone yet:

[root@big-red-wireless ~]# '/run/media/andrew/OnePlus Drivers/' 
android home is exist!
config adb ...
OK! You can use adb now!
[root@big-red-wireless ~]# adb devices -l
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
List of devices attached 
d6dea608 offline usb:1-1
5VT7N15A25000587 device usb:1-2 product:angler model:Nexus_6P device:angler

Accepted the connection on phone:

[root@big-red-wireless ~]# adb devices -l
List of devices attached 
d6dea608 device usb:1-1 product:bacon model:A0001 device:A0001
5VT7N15A25000587 device usb:1-2 product:angler model:Nexus_6P device:angler

[root@big-red-wireless ~]#

Done.  Working great now.  Would have been nice to know what I needed to do to get this functional on Linux from jump street, as it would have saved me a good 4hrs of my time screwing around with this.  I do firmly believe that there was an issue somwhere with an update to the recovery image.  The image I have now is much nicer than the one from the factory.  And there was a setting that was ticked in CM that allowed for recovery updates.  Just that nothing worked.  My first stab was to download and install the latest CM13 for bacon and use the recovery to install it.  Nope, didn’t work.  Thats how I eventually stumbled across ADB and Fastboot being borked here.  For safe keeping I did back up my recovery files partition so if things go wonky again I am not forced to deal with this level of fun again.  And by fun, I mean 6 hours of pure pain of having to touch Windows and screw around with their miserable driver model.  And 8.1 sucks golf balls thru a garden hose.


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