EL7 mail guide situation and some general site news.


Long story short, short on time.  Shorter on usable information.  What I kept running into were database related snags.  Currently I have running a few different out of the box solutions, which the only one that I care for is Mail In A Box.  Unfortuately its sitting on Ubuntu 14.04.  Not my ideal distro platform, but the team has done a magnificent job across the board.  This is what I would like to have for EL or SLE.  My current implementations are bare metal, but I think I may try out these solutions as docker containers.  As for now, I would recommend for a very nice webmail + multiple domains + sanity checks to go with MIAB.

As far as the site has been, I have in recent months added a Plex Media Server repository, almost done with migrating my private GitLab instance to a public server, and pretty much done with a massive site cleanup.

With regards to the cleanup, you may have noticed that my “notes” pages are gone.  Moved them into draft status, and when I get done cleaning them up, I will make each one a guide where appropriate.  I also noticed that some of my pages the copy-paste wouldn’t directly duplicate properly.  Should be fixed now.

Guides currently on deck:

  • oVirt/kvm
  • Raspberry pi related topics
  • Mail In A Box bare metal / docker installation guide
  • Using Linux to mix audio for your band (EL is a little lacking here, and will be more of a generic guide, favoring either OpenSUSE or Fedora)

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