A few updates on things


I have been working rather feverishly as of the last few weeks on doing up a nice EL7 script that will get one from a fresh EL7 install to a working mail server setup on a database so one can do virtual domains, virtual users, and webmail.  Once I get this up and running I will also have the ability to publish a few other things that require the use of a local mail server that will be of interest (surprises inbound).

Once that is up and rocking, I will be doing the same for a wordpress install (actually not hard, but lower on my priority list).

Then the same for getting an LDAP solution implemented with SSO capabilities.  This one is actually not that easy, but should keep me busy and productive in the shell scripting department.

Eventually each of these will have a GUI component (good thing to get back into PyGTK) so one will only need to shovel it a few answers to some questions (shell acct, domain info, etc.)  If there are any particular requests for things related to these topics, feel free to contact me one way or another.  Otherwise I will just keep chugging along with the battle plans that present themselves based off my needs, and several clients’ needs.  These are solutions to the needs of me primarily, but a few have asked for automation tools that I think can be done for these tasks quite nicely, as there are a rather finite number of variables for each that can rather sanely be foreseen and dealt with.

As for the former’s roadmap, I think by June I should have something rather well tested using local vms and via vagrant scripts.  The biggest hurdle for me is doing the regex calls to replace lines of text, and for insertion.  It has indeed been that long, but thankfully this is not rocket science and can be handled quite well, once I get more time to sit and tinker and refine and finally test.

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