New EL7 Repo : Plex Media Server


I am now hosting the public download¬†versions of Plex Media Server in a separate repo. ¬† I haven’t decided if I will host publicly the Plex Pass files or not.


As root:

yum install
yum makecache
yum install plexmediaserver

systemctl enable plexmediaserver
systemctl start plexmediaserver

firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=32400/tcp
firewall-cmd --reoad

# This is at your discretion as to what to name it, but you will need a
# dedicated plex group.
# Ensure that your media folder(s) have group ownership of this media
# group account.
groupadd media
usermod -G media plex
usermod -G media YOURPRIMARYUSER

Then in a browser navigate to your server in web browser:


Then proceed to configure Plex as you see fit.


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