New Package: tuxboot


Rolled up tuxboot RPMs for BOTH (yes BOTH) EL7 and Fedora 22.

tuxboot is a tool for making bootable disks (USB primarily) of various disk utilities such as Clonezilla and gParted

I have no FC22 system to test the RPM out on, so let me know if there are any issues.  The only difference in the spec file is the EL7 package requires epel repo to be installed (which should be anyway if you are using anything in my repo to begin with).  This of course would be pointless on Fedora as there is no epel for Fedora 😀  Either way mock was very happy with it.  There is one bug that is of note — the linux version has the wrong version tag within the app.  Will be fixed in a future update from upstream.

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