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I have instructions for both Wine, via PlayOnLinux, and Crossover.  I have links where I can, and have hosted locally the digital cert file, just to make sure its available.  The images are clickable for full resolution screenshots.

First off, there has been an issue with wine + TESO losing network connection to the server.  Some windows gamers have this issue too.  As far as I can tell nothing can be done as of right now.  I have two installs of most of my games, Crossover for daily gameplay, and the other in PlayOnLinux for reference purposes just in case a patch breaks things.  I haven’t seen a change with the latest wine in regards to this.  If this ever gets resolved, this text will disappear, or get an update as to what needs to be done.

Wine via PlayOnLinux

There should be an entry in the available games list still.  Use this, it works great.  The only step additional is getting the Thawte digital certificate installed. If for whatever reason anything gets changed, there are two things that will affect getting this to run.  To accomplish this:

  1. Click on the “Configure” gear, highlight your game
  2. Select “Task Manager”.
  3. Run “C:\windows\system32\control.exe”.
  4. Run “Internet Settings”.
  5. Select the “Content” Tab, and click on “Certificates”.
  6. Import the Thawte Digital Certificate

If you are crashing out, you need to change video drivers.  Edit the following file: ~/Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/UserSettings.txt

You want to change or add the line SET GraphicsDriver.7 “OPENGL”

Codeweavers Crossover

The installation is actually pretty simple, and hopefully I can figure out how to do crossties, but here is the manual method for getting this accomplished.  I am specifying the order here to avoid extra steps and confusion states.

Install via the existing CrossTie. During the TESO installer, it is advisable to untick the DirectX and Visual C++ installs. We already have this since the bundled installers are broken under wine upon last notice.

Upon completion close out or force kill the updater (it should lock up due to the missing certificate). If Crossover doesn’t see a successful installation, thats OK, just hit cancel and it will continue along.Then download and install the Thawte digital cert (images show how if you need help) via the Internet Settings for this bottle.



If you have problems launching, not an issue. These are the following tweaks I have noticed work very well.

  • If you have problems launching, not an issue.  Either way, quit out and edit ~/Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/UserSettings.txt  You want to change or add the line SET GraphicsDriver.7 “OPENGL”
  • Set a virtual desktop up.  And avoid if possible any Alt-Tabbing.  Can get crashy very fast if you are.
  • I have found that disabling the “Performance Enhanced Graphics” option in the Crossover bottle is beneficial.
  • For best practices, you may want to add the registry key for DirectX to know your video card memory.


Create a new key called “Direct3D”

Create a new string value called “VideoMemorySize”

Double Click on VideoMemorySize to set the value in MB (remember 1024 MB == 1GB, 2048MB == 2GB, etc)

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