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Lord of the Rings / Dungeons & Dragons Online

Things needed:

a) some build tools, wine and winetricks

b) the install files for lotro/ddo.  I found the easiest way to obtain them is to use a windows machine to use the ddo-hires and lotro-stdres downloaders to download the game files.  I would host them, but at 5GB each, thats a ton of filespace I would need and a boatload of bandwidth if people start hitting the link.  A torrent may be something for the future


Install steps

For Crossover customers, just use the "Install Windows Software" application and install via the menu, or visit the LoTRO app page and use the Crosstie. This is accurate for F16 + CXG 10.2 -- 24 Nov 2011


For Vanilla wine, follow the instructions below:


These are somewhat generic instructions tailored to Fedora/RHEL/CentOS.  But other distros arent going to be THAT much different.

a) yum -y install wine*.i686

b) goto and download winetricks.  For the noobs, thats go there, right click on winetricks and click "Save As".  Save it somewhere you will remember.  We will need to go there next.

c) goto where you saved winetricks.  

sh ./winetricks gecko

sh ./winetricks vcrun 2005

d) Goto where your game installation files are and do either:

wine dndsetup.exe

wine MirkwoodSetup.exe

e) Install pylotro.  You can do one of either method, whichever is easier.  There is a native linux version, or the windows version which can be run within wine to launch and update ddo/lotro.  I personally prefer the native version, but to each their own.


Download the SOURCE one, which is at the bottom of the page.  Save it somewhere.

2) Unzip it somewhere. 

3) Open up a terminal again, and go to where you unzipped the source.

4) sudo ./ install

f) Now that PyLOTRO is installed, it is found in the Games folder on the Application Menu.  Load it.

g) Configure your installed game by using the Setup wizard.

h) Update your game.  If you run into any errors, close pylotro and reload. You may need to use patchclient.dll which is enabled in the settings.  Once you are updated, you can select your server and log in.  Fun times.  If the game barfs, disable pixel shaders in the wine configuration.

i) Repeat the necessary steps to either install the other game or to setup pylotro to use it.  Then to swap back and forth, you can use the "Switch Game" option to select the other game and vice versa,

 If this is a new bottle or the only game installed in wine, make sure to go into the wine/bottle Wine Configuration tool and make sure audio is set correctly.

With the new F2P update to LotRO, some added pain got added to keep LotRO working.  Of course it is much easier to get going with Crossover, but can be done in wine.  I have yet to test the exact steps in vanilla wine 1.3.2 on my systems but confirmed working as the fix on Crossover Games 9.1.0.

1) Download and install the latest PyLotRO into your bottle/wine instance.  It has fixes for the installer.  The version I used was pylotro-setup-0.1.13.exe.

2) Copy into your LotRO folder a copy of your patchclient.dll as patchclient2.dll.  If you have already begun and completed some of the update procedure, "Program Files/Turbine/backup/" has a copy that will work. 

3) Copy into your LotRO folder d3dx9_36.dll and d3dx9_42.dll 

4) Launch PyLotRO, and in the options, setup patchclient2.dll.  Patch.  Play.  The load may seem like its taking too long, and you may see Compiz color the window as if it is a dead window -- it is not.  Just wait.  It took a good 15sec on my dual core C2D 3Ghz + 4GB Ram + 1GB nVIDIA GTX 260M based machine.  

Here is an archive of the patchclient from 18 Sept 2010 update and the two DX9 dlls. LINK

Here is a page dedicated to the splash screen issue (pando delivers these updates via the standard updater, PyLOTRO does not) and some Mac related tweaks :